(An undertaking of Bhaktapur Municipality)
Affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Estd. 2008
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      KhCE is community-based engineering college, undertaken by Bhaktapur Municipality. It is centrally located at culturally rich city Bhaktapur. KhCE will, in every regard, be the right destination for those who aspire to become professional engineers at affordable fees. With a distant vision of maintaining Bhaktapur's hard-won glory, the college aims to produce highly skilled engineers that will have blends of both indigenous and modern-day technologies. In this regard, the college is aiming to provide quality education in the engineering in the engineering fields which are of prime importance for the development of country.


      • Provide engineering education to the people from economically common strata of the society.
      • Conserve and improve the indigenous knowledge, traditional technologies & materials.
      • Conduct research works on engineering, including traditional architecture, archeological structures and indigenous know-how.
      • Produce competitive and efficient Engineers.
      • Encourage the graduates to join national institutions and serve the nation.
      • The college administration, Management and Faculty are putting up their best to achieve the objectives and goals. The spirit of working together in a closely knit atmosphere has definitely shown remarkable acheivemets in the past days.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Program Duration Enrollment Capacity Total Fee
BE Civil 4 96 5,48,300
BE Electrical 4 48 5,33,300
BE Computer 4 48 5,33,300

No, Khwopa College of Engineering (KhCE) is affiliated to Tribhuvan University and Khwopa Engineering College (KhEC) is affiliated to Purbanchal University.

No. But, the candidate can choose the better one for him/her. 

No, there is not such facility. But there are several private hostels nearby.

Yes, counselling programs are conducted from time to time. Experienced professionals in the respective fields are invited for their valuable suggestions and sharing their working experiences with the students.

College organizes different expos and exhibition at certain intervals for improving students' practical skills in their fields. Students also get involved and participate in different competitions organized by various organizations of their respective fields.

Yes, it is possible to get extra classes if requested by students in needy time.

Yes, it is conducted timely on the requirement basis.

Deposits can only be refunded after completing all the four years courses.

College provides full scholarship for the applicants of each program with minimun 75% in +2 science or I.Sc., or Diploma in engineering and scoring the highest marks in the entrance exam.Scholarship may be granted to economically needy, diligent and disciplined student. On the basis of the marks secured in semester examination, college will provide scholarships of 100%, 50% and 25%.

Various extra curriculur activities and sports competitions are conducted in college like chess, table tennis, badminton and football competition 

Yes, it is compulsory to be in uniform. Students without uniform are not allowed to sit in the class. There is no excuse for not being in uniform.

Some oral exams are conducted in the interview. You might need to solve some written problems depending on your academic performance or the performance during the interview.

It’s Rs.5,08,000 for Bachelor in Electrical and Rs.5,21,000 for Bachelor in Civil.

Yes, you can fill up online form.

Student must fill up online entrance form.He/She will be selected according to their rank in IOE exam. After selection he/ she must attend the college interview. After students are approved from interview, Firstly he/she can visit college reception to know about the requirements for admission, fee structures and documents required etc.

  • Bachelor in  Civil Engineering,
  • Bachelor in  Electrical Engineering

Aside from the fact that you are paying for it, showing up for class will give you an immediate advantage in learning what your professors think are important, and what is most likely to show up on those final exams. Class is also where you get the chance to meet new people, form study groups, etc.

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