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    "Flow Properties of Granular Materials"- Guest Presentation

    Published Date: 2016-12-27

    "Flow Properties of Granular Materials"- Invited Guest Presentation

    -- Prasidha Kharel, PhD Student in Civil Engineering, University of Sydney, Austrailia


    PhD student in Civil Engineering from University of Sydney, Australia gave a motivational talk and presentation on "Flow Properties of Granular Materials" to final year BEng. Civil Engineering Students at Hall 1 of Khwopa College of Engineering.

    The presentation highlighted the granular materials basics and their geo-mechanics. Fundamentally, it has been realized that they can behave as a solid or liquid or even a gas as they are able to mimic all of these states under slightly different conditions. The challenge of the scientific research today, is to establish the link between the collective behavior and properties of individual particles composing granular materials. The presentation was simplified and highly motivational.

    Mr. Kharel's research is oriented in this direction and the work was very inspiring for our young students. Our respected Principle sir of Khwopa College of Engineering gave A Token of Love from Khwopa as applaud for an informative presentation, and an encouragement to brilliant and young talent from Nepal doing such good works.

    Khwopa family would like to extent heartful  thanks to  Mr. Prasidha Kharel and we wish him good luck to his future endeavors.

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